EFESTO is a worldwide provider of large scale metal additive manufacturing machines, accessories, and services.

EFESTO was founded in 2011 and started out exclusively as a global re-seller of large-scale 3D metal printing equipment. Over the years, EFESTO has worked in tandem with the most cutting edge companies in the industry to grow a once unknown technology into a worldwide phenomenon.

In 2015, EFESTO broadened its impact on the additive manufacturing industry by introducing strategic global service bureaus. EFESTO now offers affordable functional prototyping, heat treatment, manufacturing and MRO services to SME’s around the globe.


EFESTO is leading change and shaping its future.
A metalworking revolution.


Increase the awareness of metal additive manufacturing technology across all industry verticals. EFESTO will provide an unparalleled customer satisfaction with around-the-clock service, immediate response and personalized assistance. EFESTO will be the industry leader in providing solutions to any customer’s manufacturing needs, desires and shortcomings.



Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, of high value/complex components. Repairs to increase yields, decrease costs and achieve a longer uptime.


Laser cladding, Additive Manufacturing, surface treatment of functional prototypes and production parts along with post machining and quality control services.


Optical design, CAD design, control systems integration, fabrication, assembly and evaluation services for high power laser applications.


Additive Manufacturing Functional Parts of medium and large size. High quality prototype part processing and testing capabilities.


Advanced materials R&D including alloy evaluation and materials characterization. Short and long term research and development projects.


Machine integration, optics services, controls systems troubleshooting, laser system installation and troubleshooting. Process and equipment recommendations.



Few parts are more critical than those designed and built for the aviation industry, which is why leading aerospace companies rely on our technology. EBAM, EBW and LMD applications are found in commercial, military aircraft and space applications. Missiles, propellants tanks, blades, vanes, nozzles, engine parts and accessories.


Military products are built for applications that demands high reliability in the most extreme and challenging environments. Before deployment and service use its critical to ensure dependability under the toughest conditions with the best of the performances. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of high value components its crucial.


Additive Manufacturing will be present in every aspect of the life cycle of naval systems, from design and engineering to manufacturing, repair and maintenance. Components manufactured with DED are stress relieved with material properties better than cast and comparable to wrought material.


The Automotive industry demands precise and productive solutions. Direct Metal Deposition technologies provide a disruptive transformation in how vehicles are designed and manufactured. Customized tools to enhance productivity on the shop floor, manufacturing of complex and lightweight components. Maximum design freedom; cleaner, lighter, and safer products; shorter lead times; and lower costs.


Die and mold industry primarily works on complex 3D forms. Stamping, forming and forging dies. Injection and blow molds. Complex shapes that requires great precision and accuracy while having high cost pressures.

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Bi-metallic applications, such as high productivity tooling.


All major Space Agencies identifies Additive Manufacturing as key enabling technology. Its advantages are derived from the additional design freedoms gained that allow novel complex geometries to be realised at little additional manufacturing costs. Nowadays we are able to provide systems and services for satellite construction, missiles and various aerial systems. Hot-fire testing of engines and propulsion systems made entirely with additive manufacturing are a reality.


Wear and corrosion is everywhere, and so is EFESTO with best-of-class solutions for drilling and production, petrochemical processing or renewable energy with the accuracy that Oil & Gas operations require. High value components, complex shapes and large structures. Hybrid manufacturing, remanufacturing, redesign and improvement of components such as valves, pipes or impellers.


We are aware of the toughest challenges of Mining & Construction industries, reduce operating costs, maximize productivity, improve processes and meet profitability expectations. We understand the sensitivity of time and quality. New design requirements can be reached using Direct Energy Deposition. Repair and Overhaul of high value drill rigs components are crucial.


There is a long road ahead the knowledge in Academia related to Additive Manufacturing. From research and development of advanced materials, including discovery of new alloys and materials characterization.

Our strategic partnerships with academia and technolocical centers are breeding grounds for innovation and create incubation possibilities for new ventures on the 3D printing field.

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