Workshop on Additive Manufacturing Technologies & Applications

EFESTO LLC is the Overall Sponsor of the Workshop on Additive Manufacturing Technologies & Applications organized by AMSI (Additive Manufacturing Society of India) and SIATI (Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies & Industries). The workshop will take place in Bangalore, India on April 7th, 2014.

The workshop will be attended by high ranking executives, technologists, practitioners and designers in the field of Aeronautical, Aerospace, Automotive and other Industries.

The workshop will focus and highlight the benefits of Additive Manufacturing Processes, Systems and Material applications in Aerospace and related industries. Additive Manufacturing of Precision Components in Metal Alloys, Plastics / Composites, Moulds / Dies, Castings / Forgings and Design and Rapid Prototyping will be part of the program.

Ashok Varma, CEO and Chairman, EFESTO LLC, is the lead speaker at the workshop, and will be making two presentations:

Additive Manufacturing – State of adoption in industry and academia, global trends, comparisons, and a reality check.

3D Printing with Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) – Technology, industrial and R&D applications, case studies, service bureau strategies, benefits and economics.

EFESTO LLC is a privately held, high growth, high technology, high expertise enterprise in the 3D metal printing industry. It is a global leader in the Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) Additive Manufacturing industry. EFESTO’s solutions include professional grade, industrially hardened and production proven LMD machines. In addition to LMD equipment, EFESTO provides contract services for repair of high value components, functional prototyping of medium to large parts, hybrid manufacturing solutions, FGM applications, alloy discovery applications, and advanced materials research. EFESTO also provides opportunities for establishing high-end high-value-add LMD service bureaus in strategic locations worldwide, either as a turnkey Build Operate Transfer project, or in joint ventures with regional partners. EFESTO serves key industries including aerospace, defense, oil & gas, tooling/die&mold, automotive, marine, mining, construction, and academia. EFESTO teams and partners operate in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Russia.”


Rolls Royce Conference Hall, Aeronautical Society of India Building

Suranjandas Road, Opp. HAL, Engine Division
Bangalore, INDIA

April 7, 2014

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