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Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing technology can achieve extremely fast “Near Net Shape Pre-Form” for 3D fabrication of functional parts and low volume production, reducing time and costs associated with traditional manufacturing. From Rapid Prototyping to maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations of heavy and large parts. Compared to other metal additive manufacturing processes, EBAM™ has a faster deposition rate (by up to a factor of ten) and provides unrivaled scalability for part size and part quality. Repeatable, critical and reliable processes and still cost effective from the first part to the last. Advanced Materials (R&D) are available to improve component capabilities.

Sciaky’s EBAM™ technology, a wire-fed process with high deposition rates and low material wastage, is the most economical metal 3D printing process in the World.


Laser Metal Deposition process uses a laser beam to form a melt pool on a metallic substrate. Metal powder or metal wire is injected directly into the melt pool, the deposited metal then cools in a controlled and consistent pattern, creating a full metallurgical bond with the substrate. This process is ideal for hybrid manufacturing, Functionally Graded Materials and Multi Alloy fabrication. Due to the low heat input and small heat affected zone, high quality maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations of complex parts with hard to reach surfaces and inner contours can be achieved with the LMD process. EFESTO has the capability to print complex shapes and parts with build volumes of up to (5ft x 5ft x 7ft) in materials like Mild steel, Stainless steels, Titanium, Inconel and other exotic metal alloys.

LMD technology offers precision, flexibility for complex and high value parts.


Electron Beam Welding technology provides excellent weld quality with maximum penetration and minimal distortion. Small Heat Affected Zone and High Purity allow us to have extremely clean welds perfect for joining a wide range of metal alloys, from common metals to hard to weld or refractory alloys as well as dissimilar material combinations. Partnered with Sciaky, we use electron beam welding technology to help our customers solve challenging joint configurations. Electron Beam Welding are recommended for applications that require a very precise, clean weld with minimal heating of the material outside the primary area of the weld.

We use Sciaky’s EB Welding technology to deliver remarkable results.


Laser Cladding is a process that uses laser as the heat source to melt the feed material and deposit a near 100% dense coating on the substrate. Unique benefits compared to other coating techniques include low dilution, minimal heat affected zone and superior metallurgical performance. EFESTO offers Laser Hardfacing depositing Tungsten Carbides, Chromium Carbides and other ceramic particles in metal matrix for improved wear performance. Repair and Remanufacturing solutions which includes dimensional restoration using laser cladding, post clad machining/grinding and inspection services. Corrosion resistance coatings including Stainless steels, Nickel/ Cobalt alloys for demanding corrosion resistance needs.

Typical industrial applications include high-value Oil & Gas parts, hydraulic shafts, power generation components and extrusion barrels for outer and inner diameter repair.


Heat treating of metal surfaces enhance the wear resistance properties through rapid thermal manipulation. The small laser beam spot size and high power densities when incident on the surface of the metal, raise the surface temperature of the metal above the metal’s metallurgical transformation temperature. The thermal mass of the material aids in rapid quenching (by removing the heat via. conduction) resulting in required hardness. Precise beam dimensions of Diode laser provide accurate control of hardness depth and are ideal for applications involving localized controlled heat treatment with minimal distortion application requirements.

Our typical applications range from automotive dies, tool cutting edges, bearing shafts and pins.



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