Starting with a 3D-CAD model, Sciaky’s fully articulated and moving electron beam gun deposits metal (via wire feedstock), layer by layer, until the part is built and ready for minor finish machining.

Sciaky’s IRISS™ (Interlayer Realtime Imaging & Sensing System) is a patented Closed-Loop Control Technology that automates the EBAM™ process. A custom camera system provides a real-time view of the molten pool. The molten pool size is a function of pool temperature and surface tension. Temperature changes are adjusted based on geometry and other factors, such as consumable behaviour. Constantly monitoring and adjusting parameters to maintain a constant pool size. Consistent production of high quality parts, from the first part to the last.

Deposition rates typically range from 7 to 20 lbs. (3.18 to 9.07 kg) of metal per hour, depending upon part geometry and the material selected. When it comes to producing large, high quality metal parts, no other metal additive manufacturing process in the world works faster — or is more cost-effective — than EBAM™.


  • Raw material costs are the lowest of all known metal 3D printing. Less material waste, lead times, and machining times vs. conventional manufacturing.
  • EBAM™ can be used in any phase of the product life cycle: from rapid prototypes and production parts to repair and remanufacturing applications.
  • The fastest, most cost-effective additive manufacturing process in the market for producing large metal parts. Up to 13.6 KG/hour (by far world’s fastest).
  • IRISS™ Closed-Loop Control Technology ensures process repeatability and traceability.
  • EBAM’s exclusive dual wire feed process allows you to combine two different metal alloys into a single melt pool to create custom alloys parts or functional graded material parts, as well as switch between fine (thin wire) deposition features and gross (thick wire) deposition features.
  • EBAM™ works with refractory alloys including Tantalum, Tungsten, Niobium, Molybdenum
  • Little maintenance, the filaments can be changed out in 10 minutes at the end or beginning of any chamber cycle.

Courtesy of Lockheed Martin


The best material candidates for Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM™) applications are high-value metals with long lead times (for raw material) that can be manufactured with wire feedstock and applications where reducing costs and lead times its a key factor.

Aerospace applications like aircraft frames, structures, jet engines, fuel tanks, rockets, missiles and propulsion are ideal for this technology such as Oil and Gas equipment, turbine blades for energy production, nuclear components, power generation, cladding of critical surfaces for corrosion or thermal barrier protection and industrial pump components.

Specified applications have been developed in refractory metal components, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, marine propulsion and ballistic materials for military vehicles and tanks.


  • Sciaky’s turnkey metal additive manufacturing systems bring value throughout the entire product life cycle.
  • Pre-Production: Create experimental metal prototypes faster than ever before and get a leg up on your competition.
  • Production: Additively manufacture metal parts (in your own facility) with significantly reduced machining time, material costs, and lead time compared to subtractive manufacturing.
  • Post-Production: Repair or remanufacture damaged and obsolete metal parts on-site so you can extend various component’s service life.
  • EBAM™ machines are the widest range of commercially available metal 3D printing systems in terms of work envelope scalability for 3D printed metal parts
  • Even parts and structures up to 19 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft. (5.79 m x 1.22 m x 1.22 m) or round parts up to 8 ft. (2.44 m) in diameter can be produced.


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