EVOBEAM cube 250 (400)


EVOBEAM cube 250 (400)


Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing technology can achieve extremely fast “Near Net Shape Pre-Form” for 3D fabrication of functional parts and low volume production, reducing time and costs associated with traditional manufacturing. From Rapid Prototyping to maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations of heavy and large parts. Hybrid Manufacturing, Functionally Graded Metals and Multi Alloy fabrication. Compared to other metal additive manufacturing processes, EBAM™ has a faster deposition rate (by up to a factor of ten) and provides unrivalled scalability for part size and part quality. Repeatable, critical and reliable processes and still cost effective from the first part to the last.

  • External Gun, X-Axis Gun Slide, Y-Axis Table
  • Table size: per request
  • Free height above table: Z = 360mm
  • CNC Travel
  • External Gun
  • 250mm or 400mm
  • Table in chamber: per request
  • Chamber volume: per request
  • Chamber type: stainless steel welded
  • Rotary and Tailstock: CNC, per request

Available features and modules:

  • 6-15 kW beam power (0,2mm spot @ 6kW, 250mm WD)
  • 500 Hz Beam Pulsing
  • High performance dry vacuum systems (up to 50.000 l/s)
  • Siemens 840D CNC control, max. 31 axes
  • Standard: 4 mechanical axes + 4 beam axes (IB, IL, IX, IY)
  • Real-time control system (18 bit, 3µs) for
  • Electron optical visualization
  • Joint tracking
  • Process control and free programmable deflection
  • High speed deflection (±7°, 25kHz)
  • Dynamic lens (1.000 Hz, 10% lift)
  • Light optics with CCD camera,
  • LED down beam illumination, cross hair and motorized vapor shield
  • CNC Rotary tilt positioner

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