EFESTO LLC announced that last quarter it closed substantial sales of metal 3D printers, including a state-of-the-art system commanding a price higher than any 3D printer, metal or otherwise, that has ever been sold in the history of the 3D Printing industry.

Ashok Varma, CEO & Chairman of EFESTO LLC, said EFESTO made this assessment based on its intimate knowledge of the industry and 3D printer selling prices across all segments. EFESTO did not set out to break any sales or price records. It simply focused on providing its customers with the best solution that met their requirements with a justified business case. These projects validate EFESTO’s vision and conviction that there is a huge market demand for very large scale metal 3D printing, and seeing that it has several similar and larger metal 3D printer platforms in its pipeline, this demand is clearly growing. EFESTO is a first mover in this “tip of the pyramid” segment of the explosively growing metal 3D printing industry. Its intense efforts and substantial investment in becoming a primary global market maker for such premium technology platforms are delivering gratifying results. EFESTO believes non-linear growth in its applications and sales is imminent”.

EFESTO supplies large, very large and mega size metal 3D printing equipment utilizing Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology with wire-fed and powder-fed metals. It is a global reseller with trusted and competent partners, a technology platform and applications developer, and is establishing high-end metal 3D printing service bureaus utilizing premium equipment in strategic regions around the globe.

Ashok Varma added “It is all about the business case and return on investment by solving critical pain-points for EFESTO’s customers. EFESTO has now raised the bar quite high in the industry, and expects to raise the bar even higher. It plans to deliver larger and higher value-added systems in the future. Some of the parts customers want to fabricate have conventional costs exceeding $ 1 million with lead times longer than 18 months. Many desired parts actually cannot be made conventionally. EFESTO strives to achieve meaningful reduction in lead time and allowing “build on demand” capability for optimized parts at similar or lower total-build-cycle-costs. EFESTO is addressing certain applications at serious users where even a $ 10 million printer will be a bargain”.

EFESTO serves a wide range of industry verticals around the world, including oil and gas, power, forging, defense, aviation, tooling/die & mold, marine, construction, and mining.

“Yes, Size Does Matter, and Bigger Is Better”, quipped Ashok Varma. EFESTO will often take on challenges that no one else is willing to or able to address. Many applications will not be suitable, but for the right applications, the ROI on such premium equipment can be 1 or 2 years at most. EFESTO’s focus is on High Value/Low Volume applications, often “one-off”, for metal 3D printing enabled free-form fabrication, hybrid fabrication, parts with multi-alloy compositions, and repair/reclamation of expensive and/or difficult to replace parts.”

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