3D PRINT UAE 17th & 18th AUGUST 2015 DUBAI

3D Printing Exhibition and Conference, UAE is a unique concept aimed at revolutionizing the manufacturing sector and consumer world across the Middle East region. The event will portray the most updated, cutting edge technology on cost effective manufacturing process that has wide applications in various sectors including electronics, plastics, chemicals, aerospace, jewelry, automotive industry, defense, education, and healthcare, to name a few.

As a major financial hub within the region, UAE is poised to explore and adopt the technology in the coming years, whilst a handful of private multinationals with local presence have already invested in the technology seeking unmatched cost benefits and customized manufacturing.

EFESTO is proud to announce that is the DIAMOND SPONSOR of the 3D PRINT UAE in Dubai and mr Ashok Varma, CEO & CHAIRMAN, will be offering a keynote and showing on Booth D1 the most appealing and interesting metal parts developed with EBAM technology.


Ashok’s presentation will focus on Large and Very Large scale Metal 3D Printing utilizing Directed Energy Deposition technology and equipment. The presentation will include:

– Review of the two primary types of metal 3D printing, key comparisons and application niches

– Summary review of the global 3D printing industry, with emphasis on metal 3D printing

– In depth review of large scale DED technologies, industrial applications, and case studies

– Brief review of EFESTO, who it is, what it does, and its service bureaus business model and value

EFESTO will be exhibiting this remarkable 3D printed part along with several other compelling examples of the extraordinary capabilities of the Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing technology.


Dubai World Trade Center

Sheikh Zayed Rd
Dubai, UAE

August 17-18, 2015

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