2013 Singapore International Fashion 3D Printing Competition

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology or 3D printing will revolutionize the manufacturing supply chain and bring about a fundamental shift in design paradigm. This technology, that enables physical parts to be generated layer by layer directly from design drawing, is one of the key disruptive technologies in the Future of Manufacturing (FOM) plan in Singapore.

The Nanyang Additive Manufacturing Centre (NAMC), part of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, is looking to focus on developing — and sustaining — a skilled global 3D printing and additive manufacturing workforce. To this end and in line with this objective the organization has established the Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions to promote awareness and showcase the potential capabilities of 3D Printing as an enabler technology for various applications.

EFESTO will be present on the Singapore International Fashion 3D Printing Competition with a 9 sqm booth and will handle a dedicated intro presentation slot to industry visitors.

Mr. Kunal Varma will present the keynote: “3D Metal Printing with LMD Technology – Comparisons with Powder Bed Fusion, Market, and Applications”

Kunal is the Business Development Manager for EFESTO LLC in the South East Asia region. He has extensive knowledge of the LMD technology and its applications in industry and academia. He works closely with an expert team of local and international partners to bring the 3D Metal Printing solutions into key markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India. EFESTO LLC’s business strategy in these markets includes delivering LMD equipment and establishing repair and rapid prototyping service bureaus that utilize LMD equipment.

Kunal is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he earned a B.S. in Neuroscience. He has received in-depth training on LMD technology at EFESTO LLC. He is currently based in Singapore.


Nanyang Additive Manufacturing Centre (NAMC)

50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore, SINGAPORE

December, 2013

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